1. How To Start Bug Bounty For Beginners

    Starting bug bounty hunting can be overwhelming. Here are the best resources on how to choose a bug bounty program and find your first bug.

  2. The Best Bug Bounty Recon Methodology

    A curated list of videos by established bug bounty hunters, showing you their recon methodologies, tools, and automation.

  3. Essential Bug Bounty Books for Beginners and Pros

    Security books recommended by top bug bounty hunters and hackers. Covering web application security, mobile security, and programming.

  4. Bug Bounty and Other Inclusive Communities

    Communities are a great way to make friends, share your work, find bugs, learn, and grow together.

  5. Must-Watch InfoSec Talks of 2020

    These are my favorite info security talks of 2020.

  6. 10 Best Free Resources To Learn Vim

    List, Bug bounty, Security

    These are the resources I personally used to learn Vim in 2020.

  7. Information Security News Resources

    Save time and use your favorite RSS reader to keep up with information security news.

  8. Bee Meets World - A Web Journey

    What skills I've learned through passion, curiosity, hard work, and with a little help from my friends.

  9. 11 Podcasts worth listening to

    Development, Productivity, Bug bounty, Security

    Podcasts for web developers and bug bounty hunters with a little extra.

  10. Screens from the app, composed together as a group.


    Performance, Design, Development, SEO, Security, DevOps

  11. Logo iterations

    Securibee logo

    Branding, Security

  12. Stranger danger code

    Stranger Danger

    Tool, Automation, Security

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