1. Nahamsec interviews Albinowax

    Bug Bounty notes: head of research at Portswigger.

  2. Nahamsec interviews Naffy

    Bug Bounty notes: veteran hacker that has made over $1 million in bounties.

  3. Nahamsec interviews Jobert Abma

    Bug Bounty notes: co-founder of HackerOne.

  4. Nahamsec interviews Filedescriptor

    Bug Bounty notes: pentester and bug bounty hunter.

  5. Nahamsec interviews Alyssa Herrera

    Bug Bounty notes: senior app sec engineer and bug bounty hunter.

  6. Nahamsec interviews Rhok

    Bug Bounty notes: Okta employee and veteran hunter.

  7. Nahamsec interviews Todayisnew

    Bug Bounty notes: distributed automation meets zen

  8. Nahamsec interviews Masonhck357

    Bug Bounty notes: Dominican US navy vet, recently started hacking full-time.

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