Screens from the app, composed together as a group.
  • Built the entire front-end from the ground up, following secure development principles
  • Converted classic, deprecated, Vuex mode to modules mode
  • Implemented features such as, "have I been pwned" integration, and persistent sessions to improve UX
  • Created a Docker container for development, as to mimic the server environment and be platform agnostic

Beehind the scenes


Easy payments

A simple modal with a clean UI and straightforward UX. Payments are handled by Stripe.


Numbers that matter

Program stats speak volumes. They're also one of the main metrics bug bounty hunters look for, when deciding where to spend their time. So let's give them the center stage and present them in a sortable table.


Crystal clear information for users

Redesign of the landing page. No distractions, clearly laid out, and user-friendly information.

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